Wed/Thurs…Lobster ’til We’re Sick

I didn’t want to be his Wednesday/Thursday but after a few weeks without his company it became clear…why NOT be his Wednesday/Thursday?  I enjoy his company, he makes me laugh and well…the sexual chemistry is quite nice….kisses me between my shoulder blades (which I LOVE) and makes a perfect big spoon. He snores…but whatever. He adores me, just not on the weekends.

He messaged me a few weeks after we stopped seeing each other to say hello and tell me he was going for a run. Random text on a Wednesday evening. He missed me. It was sweet and made me want to see him…dammit….dammit.

I’d been chatting with a few guys on Tinder and Bumble but just didn’t want to meet ANY of them. Too annoying, too far to go, too cute, too pushy, too much.

I messaged  him back a week or so later with Gothamist: Where To Observe National Lobster Day In NYC On Thursday about places in NYC to get delicious lobster on Thursday.

Previously while laying in bed on a Thursday morning after a Wednesday evening we had discussed our mutual love for eating lobster. He said he wanted to eat so much that he gets sick….I suggested we go to Newburyport, MA to eat it because there is a great lobster shack there…so delicious…and kind of romantic to get sick on eating lobster. I guess the romance would come before the eating lobster until we’re sick. Made me think of the movie and the situation was/is not lost on me.

So…He replied….


sure, I understand, but I want a great company to do it with, then we both get sick together


Well…I miss your company.


want to get together this Friday?


Yes, Please.




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