Google Yourself – SERIOUSLY – RIGHT NOW!

Really, do it now.

I’m looking for a new job and periodically Google myself to see what’s out there….and/or create a Google Alert. I do both….because sometimes the old content changes and no alert is sent. Really, it’s happened to me! And the timing could not have been worse….

I’d had three interviews with a very well known fashion company for a position and had Googled my name a few weeks prior with no offensive/old materials appearing….well…

I’m an artist with a day job and some of my work contains swears and what not….one was a Rolodex of business cards for every occasion. One of the business cards had my name with CUNT and my email and phone. Yep. It was an old project I started back in 2001, while still in Art school. I’d submitted it for this online artist registry and paid for site access. I’d long stopped paying for it and when Googling my name, now, in 2017, the site would have my name but nothing else….that is…until I Googled myself right after my interview in June 2017. For some reason their site defaulted to the old – yes – early 2000’s site and my offensive cards were now all over Google. Fuck.

It took me two days to get them to remove the images from the site and another two days to get Google to wipe it from the search. PAIN in the butt. And…I didn’t NOT get the job because of it (the job was put on hold) but still….

So, today I Googled my name and found that in March 2017 a bunch of sites went live with people’s names, address history and CELL phone numbers. So PISSED. So I went to the site and requested to be deleted….but how the fuck did they get my cell number? I feel my privacy has been violated….and you should too.

Further…it’s multiple sites and now there are people starting businesses where you PAY them to get you off these lists (my guess these are the same people who put the info out there in the first place)!

I’m due for a new phone….and may just change my number and MAKE sure not to share it with anyone….use a fake Google number like one would on Tinder.

Google YOUR Name now.


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