Sign from the Universe?

I’m not religious BUT I do believe in energy of the universe…not like Pantheism….but kind of…if you remove the god part.

Anyhow…moving on…

Recently I was in a position where I had to let go of someone I care for deeply….okay fine…I’m madly in love with him but timing is just all wrong….so…I am doing my best to let go.

My last message to him states how much I care for him and should he ever need anything from me, like help choosing winter attire, selling a record player, advice about business or a kidney, I’d happily provide. (I said, kidding, not kidding about the kidney). He did not reply to my message…I guess it’s not all that romantic to offer kidneys – perhaps a bit disturbing even – my heart was in the right place?

Then the universe stepped in.

I’d been having flank pain on the right side for about 8 months or so. Me, being one who doesn’t appreciate western medicine after a few bad experiences, decided to ignore the pain and eventually it would either go away or kill me.

Okay, so a few days after sending my heartfelt/kidney offering email (a bit dramatic, I admit) the pain became unbearable. AGONY. Oh shit, at this moment I realized what the pain was…a kidney stone! I’d had one about 12 years ago and it was awful.

I offer my kidney to him and my body released a kidney stone. The funny thing is one afternoon of agony and then – done. No more pain.

I’m not sure what the universe was trying to say to me but clearly….it was sending me some sort of message…right?

So I decided to Google “Signs from the Universe“…..



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