Interviewer Pets Belly

My staffing agency secured me an interview with a Hedge Fund assisting a team of 9 (nobody should have to assist 9 people but jobs are tight) so I went with an open mind.

It was in the same building as my previous company only the lobby on the “fancy” side. The Hedge Fund office was beautiful, obviously, being a hedge fund they have the money to throw around. The day of my interview it was pouring out. I managed to get there without getting too soggy….put on my “interview” shoes and went up to their floor.

The receptionist was friendly and escorted me to the little conference room a few steps down the hall where I waited to meet with let’s call her Maria. Maria was the Office & Operations Manager at this Hedge Fund.

Maria entered the conference room. Her hair was straight with a tiny flip at the shoulder – one could tell her hair wanted to be curly and wild but she was not having it. Straight. She smoothed her hair with both hands from the part down after she sat down. She wore a butterfly necklace and conservative yet stylish outfit paired with very high heels.

The interview started….normal stuff…how long were you at company blah blah, what are you looking for….blah blah…

Then I noticed…..she was stroking her belly….like REALLY stroking her belly. I look at her belly, then look at her face….does she even know she’s petting herself? Is she using her belly as a crystal ball? Hire/not hire/hire/not hire…belly…what is the right option?

Me: Why is the person in the role leaving? Is she staying with the company?

Her: She is leaving the company…..(she went on about the woman leaving the company but I was so distracted by her continuous belly petting it was hard to pay attention).

Then she moved from her belly back to parting her hair…both hands….smoothing he hair down. Back to the belly….

Long story short, from where I was sitting, this Maria looked like she would be a NIGHTMARE to work with, um, control freak anyone? OH, shit, and she’s petting her belly because she is pregnant. Tiny little baby bump (you know, the stylish NY kind).

It was clear we were not hitting it off. I tried to do my best to be open but all I wanted to do was get the fuck out of that tiny little conference room and as far away from the super stylish belly petter.

What really baffles me is…..these are the people who decide if I get a job or not…these are the people I’d have to work for….I mean….what the? Something is very wrong with this situation. Very Stepford Wives.

The staffing company who got me this interview never got back to me after I’d called them regarding the interview….I really wanted to ask them if other candidates had the same experience. I’ve also managed to fall off the staffing agency eblast. Hah.




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