FLU Salad

I never understand why some CEO’s don’t realize they will be best served by treating their assistants and receptionists with common human decency. Sadly, many of the CEO’s are just jerks that treat anyone working for them (or serving them in restaurants/stores/etc.) with an air of entitlement.

This post is for those CEO’s. YOU ARE NOT DOING YOURSELF ANY FAVORS by being a jerk.

While working for one of the many CEO’s in NYC, I had the fortunate experience to work for a terribly rude, tantrum throwing, shady as shit CEO. He dressed funny and talked through his nose in a high pitch squeal. The entire time at the company they kept cutting employee benefits, spending and anything to make the company better…while his gym bag had a butler driving it to and from the office. So, my health insurance cost $1400 IN network before covering any of my health services on top of my pay-in. Essentially, I was paying 80% of my health insurance benefits but couldn’t afford to even use them with the high deductible. His gym bag, however, never had to worry about getting sick as it didn’t have to take the subway.

So, the CEO loves salad…the same salad. Every day with the same salad. The delivery person from the salad place knew us well. One day the salad delivery person was delivering the salad. He looked awful, eyes and nose red, sniffling and should have been home sipping soup….but because he can’t afford to take the day off….he was delivering salad. The bag had clearly been handled by flu delivery guy.

I took the salad and offered him a tea. He declined and vanished to the elevator banks. I knew the bag was contaminated…just knew it….and had this salad been for the CEO I worked for in Boston…I never would have let him near it. Straight into the trash. But…this wasn’t the CEO in Boston…I ain’t in Boston anymore. I’m in NY, and thus far, from my experience, the CEO’s here are not so decent humans. These people are more like Donald Trump.

So, what do you think I did?

I carried the salad into the CEO’s office….put it down on his desk (overheard him speaking about how to “trick people into providing banking info on their site” – good guy – really – top notch).

“Enjoy,” I stated leaving his office and heading straight to the sink to scrub the flu off my hands.

…the following week….the CEO was out sick.

When he finally returned, his nose was still red and runny as he told me to order his salad.

No problem.


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