References – Bernie Madoff

I’m on a job search and the last couple of companies I’ve worked for have been less than ethical. I will not go into details…

I do have references from my previous ETHICAL bosses, sadly, this dates back a while…..

What if my previous boss was Bernie Madoff (before he got caught)?

How valuable is a stellar reference from him?

Maybe those looking to hire should consider some of us workers have ethics and would rather leave with NO reference than a stellar one from the likes of him.

I’ve worked for guys who aspire to be Bernie Madoff and am more than fine not having their stamp of approval.

Thank you.

This letter is not a reference for a job but it IS an actual reference from Bernie Madoff speaking to the “ethical” values of the person he is endorsing.

Think about this for a minute.

Bernie letterLet it sink in.

This is a copy of a real letter from one of my temp jobs…found in the trash….where it belongs.


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