Job Interview: Prove It! Test

I saw this posting for an Office Manager for what looks like an amazing non profit in the city that focuses on educating low income New Yorkers for better opportunities for employment. After reading their mission, I decided it could be a great place for me! I’ve grown tired of working for Trump types who are in search of squeezing as much money out of the world for themselves while demanding accolades and compliments.

I want to work for an organization that does something useful and meaningful to better the world, not just take, take, take from it. This being said, I’m not naive and understand many non profits are really profitable for the few at the top and sometimes really just tax shelter for people just like Trump….but at least something good comes out of it….right? (Insert laughing track here)

Very soon after applying an invitation for a phone interview was sent! Yay! I was excited by the idea of working in a place I’d actually want shown on my LinkedIn profile. Right now my LinkedIn profile is gutted because most of the companies I’ve worked for are not in line with my belief system, to say the least, but it’s NY and rent has to be paid.

The phone interview went well, except she said I’d have to take a Personality Index test and  ProveIt! skills test AND physically bring my college degree with me for the interview. What? The only company that ever asked to see my degree was a jewelry company and this was AFTER they offered me the position and checked all my references. Not for nothing but anyone can make a fake degree with some fancy paper, printer and a pen so this seemed a bit silly to me….but whatever….they do good things…helping people get job training. I’m into it so I’ll play along.

Also….in my not so humble opinion….the PI Index is marketing bullshit. The creators of the test say if you take it more than once the first test is the most reliable….because they need to say something because they are selling a product that doesn’t offer reliable/consistent results. I took it twice in one day (yes, kid you not, for two different companies) and varied my answers because my mood changed. I mean seriously….bunk. You may as well read my palm or call in psychic. Actually, a psychic would be much better as they are skilled in reading people…but whatever…back to the current story I’m telling….

The day of the interview arrives…I arrive ten minutes before the scheduled interview time and check-in with reception. Long story short, after 20 minutes the receptionist couldn’t reach the woman I was scheduled to meet, then found she was in the new hire orientation! I asked how long this orientation lasts…..all day.

Well, okay, then please just let her know to call me to reschedule. I left.

This happens. Not going to judge…

The woman calls me about 10 minutes later and asked me to return.

Sure, no problem.

The interview was okay, she asked the lame questions like what are your weaknesses? What are your strengths? Seriously, wow….but she seemed really nice….so we continued the process…and arrived at the testing portion.

Just to make sure we are all on the same page…this is a non profit company whose mission it is to train low income or unemployed New Yorkers on skills for the workplace….and the year right now is 2017.

Okay, now that we all are on the same page. I was brought to their little computer testing room with 8 (really old) computers (fine, yes, it’s a non profit so one can’t expect new computers – oh especially considering they are investing into a renovation of the Executive Office in Midtown). Let’s move on…

So one computer doesn’t work…she moves me to the next one….and we get the Prove It test site open and sign in for the test. She said she’ll leave me to take the test and will get an email when I’ve completed all sections:

  1. Excel   2. Word   3. Outlook  4. Typing

So, I’m taking the tests and realize the versions I’m being tested on are kind of old, I remember working on these versions but it feels like a very long time ago….finally get to the Outlook test and when it comes to scheduling a fake appointment with fake invites….holy crap….look at the date!



Really….YES that due date does say 12/31/2008! I pulled out my phone and took a picture….because otherwise nobody would even believe me (HELL, I wouldn’t even believe me and I was there!) that they’d actually use a computer/technology skills test this old! SERIOUSLY. Even more problematic is this is what they are teaching to the people in their program! ARE YOU FLIPPING kidding me?

No wonder I couldn’t remember how to do much…it was over TEN years ago! This “skills” test was going to be used to judge if I’ve got the skills for this job….in 2017!? Needless to say, I was pissed that my time was being wasted on this “test” and looking around the room at the other women in there who were there to learn this shit. WHAT the EFFFF?

They’d be better off using a free version of Google Docs and invest in Slack or something….Horrified.

I almost couldn’t even complete the test I was so angry….and I was thinking there is something wrong with me…it’s NOT ME…but it is ME who is the one without a job….not these people. Go figure.

After I did complete the test, the woman came down and asked how I thought I did on the test and my answer was honest…

There has been so many updates since these versions of the programs that it was hard to remember back to 2007 so not sure I did well because it’s been so long and there has been so many updates since.

She didn’t get it and said….Oh, I’ve not checked your score yet.

LOOK lady, if you are going to judge me based on a Prove It test from 2007…….I just don’t know what to say. (I thought this, didn’t speak aloud…just to myself…silently). She wanted me to stay to complete some other task….which made me think I should have dressed circa 1980 for this interview…. because you know….the workplace feels the same now as it did in that movie…Working 9 to 5….this Rolling Stones article sums up the general idea quite nicely. Hey…and look…there is an organization called 9 to 5 for women in the workplace! Nice, I’m thinking it’s time to join.

Back to the interview…

There is still another online form that needs to be completed, she said, getting ready to pull it up. I (HAD TO GET OUT) told her that because we scheduled the interview to end at a specific time I’d already made another appointment. I fled the building and then called a temp agency I’d worked with years ago…..he said to come right over….

Thank you….thank you temp agency….oh…but wait…things didn’t get better from there….




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