Saddest Subway Ad Ever – and a bit Sadistic

Sad ad

Why a bit sadistic you ask!? Well….who goes into advertising? Artists who want to be able to pay rent in NY! Otherwise….you have to store your passions while here….FUCK….this is brilliant art….or just really terrible advertising. Not sure so I’ll go with brilliant art.

This being said, today I was riding the subway and sat right across from this advertisement. As if the subway isn’t bad enough with the tunnel ceilings caving, trains being delayed for “signal problem” or a “police investigation” now the subway forces me to sit across from THIS?

I’d rather sit in a stinky bum car. If you don’t live in NYC and don’t know what a bum car is…click here to find out. The current state of advertising is depressing…literally. Luckily this article posted on CNBC’s site sees an end to traditional marketing (okay so the article focus is online but print ads can also fit the story)…although with the end of one style of bad advertising is the beginning of a style of marketing that looks far more nefarious …but…back to the subway and my experience of a bad ad….for my 30 minute subway ride…

Who thought this sad ad would make ANYONE use CubeSmart? All this ad does is remind me that the art world is fucking awful and living here one can’t even afford to have it as a hobby due to lack of space (or money to have the space for a tiny easel).

Further….tires? Who the hell even can afford a car in this city? I had one for a while and had to park it on the street….the city puked on, kicked, dented and tormented and then ticketed my car for years….I had to put it out to pasture. Now….I ride the subway…..and sit across from this ad.

I assume the bucket and gloves is for washing the car I can’t afford…so I guess it’s best to put that in storage…may as well. Or perhaps the bucket and gloves is for all the tears (or blood) people will cry (drain) while sitting across from this fuck all depressing, give up your passions and slit your wrists….ad.

Guitars….well…this is just dumb…I dated a guy who had a bunch of them in his tiny studio apartment….next to his tiny little couch…oh…he’s a doctor. Good thing he works in a hospital that doesn’t store tools for that passion in a CubeSmart.

Now….the knitting….really? Who the hell puts knitting in storage? The mice/bugs would just get all into that shit and make a mess and the smell of storage – um – eww. Ruined. Moths eating the good wool yarn too, let’s not forget moths.

Seriously. Plus, I actually only got a knack for knitting after having been caught up in people physically trying to kill each other while riding the subway. Sadly, I was sitting between them at the time. I left with bruises and ready to learn Krav Maga. Instead, I decided to learn how to knit.

Knit? You ask, what does knitting have to do with a fight on the subway and Krav Maga? Well, I’ll tell you. Knitting needles. The next time I end up in some idiots argument, someone is losing an eye….and it won’t be me.


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