Love Sick Dork = OK / Stalker = Not Okay

Below is an email chain with one of my closest friends…regarding Dr. Hottie

Friend to me:

Love sick dork = okay*

Stalker = not okay

Me to friend: 

I’m not a stalker…as soon as it was clear he had no interest in me.** I said my peace via email and deleted him from my phone, all the emails from forever, etc. He was playing the push/pull game with me. I was being stupid. It’s best if he stays where he is.

I have a nice young theater actor I used to see coming back to the city in a week or so***….a nice distraction.

I have an afternoon date today with this cute french chef. Love accents.

And this guy I dated back in 2009 just reached out. Crazy.
And now it’s about getting this job at That COMPANY. Anxiously waiting.
Friend to me:
Hey, you’ve got LOTS of good stuff going on!
Me to friend:

Lots of stuff, yes, but good…well…that is still up for argument.

I’m finding that a lot of guys here want me to act like a girlfriend and watch their coat/bag while they are at the buffet stuffing their face.
Finally I’m realizing if I keep this up, I’ll starve to death in a room full of food.
Friend to me:
Sorry, but that is hilarious.  You need to blog about that!
*I had previously mentioned to the above friend I was in love with this married man (platonic relationship on his end/stupid love on mine)
**I’m not sure I believe he has not interest…but he is married so….pathetic in unrequited love….but I’m no stalker. Although there was that ONE time….
***Young actor was who I called Yoga Boy in my previous dating blog.

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