United States of America, LLC

I don’t understand why so many are shocked by recent events in the United States and it’s funny to me that the NY Times article on this whole Comey situation even uses the word “stunning”!

I mean the NY Times should know Donald Trump business style is to fire anyone he doesn’t like/agree with/questions/exposes him or could cost him money…um he was the star of a reality show on this very topic…..remember? Oh and if you read the Wiki about the show…it says that Trump himself said that reality tv “was for the bottom-feeders of society”. I have to say, as much as it pains me to agree with anything Trump says, this statement, I have to 100% agree.

Trump went on to “bottom feed” for 14 seasons of The Apprentice. I’d love to see the footage that was cut from the show due to Trump’s comments or actions. I’m sure there is a bit of bottom feeder behavior.

Most of the businesses I’ve had the experience to work for either full time or temping in NY are run in the Trumpian style. It’s painfully clear all of the Executive Staff slept through their Business Ethics courses in college or just didn’t take them.

The Donald is the business norm. This behavior is not shocking. This is “normal” corporate behavior.

I’ve been in New York for almost ten years and have been witness to and the target of  mistreatment, sexual harassment, forced to train a kid who needed a work visa so he could get a work Visa to live in NY (His father was an old FOREIGN COUNTRY NAME HERE Army buddy of the CEO of the company I was working for) who didn’t know his ass from his elbow on how to do the job yet paid him 30k more than what they paid me. They forced me to trained him (from what I hear he still can’t edit video so they brought in a tudor)…then they let me go by eliminating my position. Nice.

THIS is MY experience in Corporate America.

I was able to land another job, at Mossad, Inc. unfortunately my boss was the guy known for “kissing all the pretty girls”. (Trump would be ashamed…he only kissed me? Didn’t go in for a grab?). The woman I was replacing told me to flirt with the boss to make the job more tolerable. Yeah, that kind o behavior isn’t  in my nature so things didn’t go smoothly so I started looking for a job. Eventually he started bullying me and lashing out like a small child. I complained and then he just stopped giving me any work or replying to any of my emails or requests. Then after a respectable amount of time passed (I was looking for a job but most seemed like jumping from the frying pan into the fire so I stayed), my position was eliminated.

YaY for corporate America for creatively getting rid of the “problem”.

That boss is still with the company….kissing the pretty girls.

Fortunately for me I was offered a temp assignment at this “great” company almost immediately after having my previous role eliminated.

This assignment was as the second assistant to the CEO because the one they had just wasn’t “up to snuff”. They were looking for someone with my skills and the pay for this second assistant job was pretty good.

This occurred in March, just to make it clear, the story I am about to tell (and the one above) happened between 2014 – 2017 not 1957. The below story….2017.

I arrive early for the assignment and am brought up to meet the CEO’s assistant who I’ll be working with. She is AWESOME. Funny, smart and all around amazing (oh and let’s not forget, pretty). Then I noticed she had chewed all her fingernails down to these tiny little stubs….We socialized a little to get acquainted and she gave me the other second assistant’s notebook and she caught me up with what he was working on.

I realized right away that the previous assistant’s work looked stellar (dare I say he was probably better at this assisting thing than I am – and I’m pretty damn good). So I asked her why they thought he wasn’t up to snuff for the job? He seems more than capable based on his notebook and Outlook.

She closed the office door to give us more privacy.

Oh, yes, he was fantastic, he spoke three languages and was really a big help, but he’s gay  and CEO (50 year old white dude from a wealthy family) doesn’t like gay people. He’s also been banned by several car service companies, hotels and travel agents that refuse to work with him because of his bad behavior.  I immediately told my recruiter that I absolutely DID NOT want this opportunity and told them why.

Needless to say, the temp jobs are fewer and farther between now, not because my agency is terrible, it’s that the jobs are and I told them not to send me to another place like that.

To me, this is telling.

OH and this CEO guy who doesn’t like gay guys….well his company was voted on of the 50 Most Promising Private Companies in America in 201X and just got another round of a crazy amount of funding and is doing quite well. Nice. My newsfeed remembered I had Googled him before the assignment so is keeping me updated on his success.

How nice.

I tell you of my experience to show you that what’s going on in the White House right now is not shocking….it’s business!

Our country’s leader is a businessman so the country is being run like a business. Many people seem to think running a government like a business is a great idea…oh…I just can’t….can’t even…..discuss that topic right now.

Beyond the fact a government should never be run like a business….

Perhaps these people have never worked for someone like Trump (very fortunate for them for not having the experience but very unfortunate for the rest of us who now have a President who is a Pussy grabbing CEO). I’ve worked for a number of CEO’s in NY and if I were to guess…they would handle Comey the same way Trump just did. Only the rest of the people working at the company would just lay low, hope they don’t get any of Comey’s blood on their shoes and then quietly find another job working for another guy just like Trump….and eventually experience a new iteration of the same story.

Nobody wants to be the whistleblower or the one to stand up to or have to investigate the CEO….I mean…the reality is most of these people who stand up don’t end up having Hollywood movies made about them because these David and Goliath stories are not the norm! The harsh reality is most times the story ends with Goliath winning. Nobody wants to watch a movie where the squeaky wheel is left with just a box of stuff from their desk.

I have a friend who found out/caught one of her coworkers was putting Klonopin in their boss’s water…this friend told the CEO. My friend no longer works there and that coworker is most likely still drugging the water.

From my experience it’s normal in business to get rid of “problems” like Comey. I’ve sat and watched it happen where someone does this or that and never gets a reprimanded but when the “this or that” goes against the CEO. Time to go!

It’s awful but I’m not shocked or even a little bit surprised…my belief that the business world in the US (or at least in NYC based on my experience) is a harsh place to be unless you are specifically  a white male CEO with no moral compass. This being said I also believe (based on my experience) that older white dudes that DO have a moral compass…may as well have a p*ssy themselves.

So, good job, now we have a NYC businessman running our government. Bravo….there will be no raises this year and you should just be happy you still have your job. Oh and don’t be shocked if someone else grabs your p*ssy at work, it’s not like we didn’t tell you in the interview process. Welcome to the United States of America, LLC.


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