I’ve got a ‘thing’ for men from the Middle East

There is something about men from the Middle East. I just….find them irresistible. The accents and the culture….so…hot….the Middle East and the men…and women. Shit.

It’s funny to be actively dating two Iranian guys. One grew up mostly in the US but speaks Farsi with his mom (love the sound of Farsi) and the other moved here when he was in his 20’s. They are both the same age, 48. They both have one child and they both are super sweet to me and neither of them want commitment. This is New York dating.

The One Turkish guy is amazingly smart, funny and now, a friend. We dated for a little bit but quickly realized we really just enjoy each other as friends…plus he really likes his women. He did a bit of over sharing about women which kind of killed my interest and pushed him over the “just friends” fence. Adorable guy, smart neuroscientist with deep brown eyes and a beautiful smile.

The Israeli will show up in this blog often….my friends will attest to that (and most likely roll their eyes). I’ve been in love with him since we first met….back in December of 2014.

The Iranian….oh wait…there are two…one lives in Manhattan and the other is in Brooklyn.

I’ll start with Brooklyn.

He is the sweetest most cheesy guy ever! He knows he’s a romantic cornball and it makes him that much more attractive and the fact his voice is gravely like Barry White is just too much for me to take. Playful guy with a sense of style. He says he wants to “make love” and it doesn’t make me cringe. Amazing. Under normal circumstances I’d flee at such a statement…but because he’s self-aware and unapologetic about it….it’s cute…plus…that voice. Oh and it helps that the sex is pretty fantastic.

I have to say….I’ve read that dating a guy who has been married is great for the woman regarding the quality of sex…but never experienced it for myself until now. It’s true….okay….for this one guy….it is…at least.  It’s like he has more interest in my satisfaction and not just his. Or maybe he’s just not selfish….could be that….too.

I’ll call him Barry going forward.

The Manhattan Iranian is more, well, Manhattan.

He dresses in bespoke suits and has a balcony off his very corporate apartment (yes, think American Psycho, but only as far as apartment) and he is always traveling. India, Chicago, Europe, India again, DC and then back to NY.

He’s more Americanized and has no accent because they moved here when he was a kid. Very smart and he loves to sing. He sings for me. It’s adorable. He’s a guy’s guy but holds onto his geeky roots. Very proud of his love for Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons.

As for the Israeli…I’ll call him Dr. Hottie.

It’s one sided. He likes me as a friend only….while I love him like there is no tomorrow (pining like a ridiculous school girl in love with her teacher). I remember first meeting him….I melted into the chair in his office. He, to me, is the most beautiful man….and quirky…smart…funny….dark….compassionate…and just…just…I can’t even take it. I bet he can catch fish with his butt…..too.

We met a couple weeks ago in Bryant Park to catch up over tea and babka and the world just melted away as he spoke.  Time doesn’t function normally when I’m with him, an hour lunch break feels like 5 minutes and forever at the same time. When it was time to go, he stood up and all the babka crumbs that fell in his lap fell to the ground….I saw us at 80….together…in the same park….babka crumbs falling from his lap as he stood up. I guess I like to torture myself. Although, I think, eventually we will be together…or so I comfort myself with the idea.

Who knows though, which is why I’ve got a date scheduled this afternoon with a guy from Tinder.

Fingers crossed someone swipes me off my feet in some rom-com way? Maybe not…I don’t think life in a rom-com would be all that satisfying.



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